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Every slot in our casino is a gateway to an adventure of your choosing. There are so many different themes that stretch to all parts of the world and beyond. Should you hunt for treasure in the deep blue sea, or help Robin Hood rescue Maid Marian? The options are endless.


Not only do online casino slots games offer opportunities to dive into an experience unlike any other in a casino, they often have wild payouts dangling above the reels in the form of progressive jackpots. The reason these prizes are called progressive is because they’re constantly growing; every time someone sits down to play online slots for real money, some of that money goes towards the jackpot—until it gives way to a very lucky player.


To help you start your slot adventure on the right foot, this online slots guide will help you through the whirlwind of online slots available in our casino. We give an overview of the slots we offer, discussing the popularity of the most-played games and also explain how slot promotions work. If you find that you have a special knack for slots, you may consider joining one of our many slot tournaments, which we explain in detail at the conclusion of the guide. To begin, let’s go over the different types of real money online slots.



Online Slots Games

Go to the “Slots” bar of our online casino, and all of our slot games will be populated for you to see. With the exception of the top bar, which contains the newest games, all of the slots are listed in alphabetical order, so if you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to locate. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you may want to use the filter options located just above the slot games.


The filters sort through the games based on: newness, popularity, five-reel, three-reel, jackpot and exclusivity. As new ones are launched, they’re immediately available in the “Newest Slots” section. Often, the Most Popular Slots section also has the new games, but you’ll also find old classics that still get just as much action as the new ones. Five-Reel Video Slots is the biggest section; this is where you find games with the standard five-reel format. Anything with three reels can be found in the Three-Reel Classic Slots section, and slots that have a jackpot—whether a progressive one or random one, are tucked away in the Jackpot Slots section. Finally, the Exclusive Slots section has hard-to-find games that offer a unique experience for seasoned players. All these filters will help narrow down your search for the perfect game.



Most Popular Slots Games

Whether it’s innovative bonus rounds or cinematic graphics, our most popular slots offer something special that keep players coming back for more. Check out the top three slot games offered at Casino below.


Gold Rush Gus: The Gold Rush Gus slot has created a buzz. This game tears down slot game conventions and reconstructs it with interactive reels and creative bonus play. When you first launch the game, you meet Gus, the prospector, in a mine shaft. Hit “Spin” and he’ll swing his pick axe and crack open the ore beneath him to reveal the game’s five reels. Join him in his quest for wealth and you may end up with a big payout.


A Night With Cleo: Cleopatra has been turning heads since 48 BC when she seduced Julius Caesar in order to be restored to the throne. You’ll find out why this pharaoh was known for her seductive charms through the game’s titillating Double Up feature. To double a payout, pick between two lotus flowers—one of which contains coins. It’s a fifty/fifty chance, and if you guess right, Cleo begins a striptease.


777 Deluxe: For a traditional yet modern slot experience, spin the reels of 777 Deluxe. This game maintains the iconic symbols of the original fruit machines, but portrays them as holograms. Grapes, watermelons and BAR symbols spin through space, offering opportunities to get paid. To win the progressive jackpot, you must gain access to the bonus round.



Slots Bonuses and Promotions

Before depositing funds into your account, check out our slots promotions and bonuses. Slots players enjoy the best bonuses out of all casino players, and dismissing them means you’ll be leaving money on the table. New players can bolster their beginner bankrolls with up to $5,000 worth of match bonuses, while established players can make use of the Weekly Double Up bonuses, which comprise seven weekly 100% match bonuses for up to $700 in bonus cash. Check the Terms and Conditions for each slot bonus’ playthrough requirements.



Slots Tournaments

Connect with fellow slot players by signing up for one of our several daily slots tournaments. These events have people play a specified game during a designated timeframe, registering wins and spins by converting them into points. When time’s up, the three players with the most points collect prizes, which are typically bonus amounts.


Before signing up for a tournament, check the Tournament Details for the duration of time the tournament runs for (often ranges from 10 to 15 minutes), and the minimum spins and bets required to qualify for the prizes, which are also outlined for first, second and third place. Even if you don’t win one of the prizes, rest assured that you get to keep all the payouts won during the tournament. Take a look at what games are featured in our tournament by browsing the schedule today.


Refer a Friend with online Slot Games

While you’re browsing through the list of games available at Slots Casino, you can see that many of them have jackpots attached – with some really big money up for grabs in some cases. That’s because these are progressive jackpots; they grow in size with every spin, until someone finally wins the motherlode. Progressives can get truly massive over time, so don’t forget to keep a close eye on which games at Slots are offering life-changing money when you start your session.


It’s always fun to chase down a big payday, but make sure to keep smart money management in mind when you play at Slots Casino. These games are meant to be played for entertainment purposes—even when there’s a big progressive jackpot on the line. To help you manage your money and stretch your entertainment dollar, we’ve got the most generous bonus packages in the business, including our Refer & Earn program, where you can claim up to $200 for every friend who signs up at Slots and makes their first deposit.


This isn’t your garden variety Refer-A-Friend promotion (aka RAF promotion), either. For one thing, you can claim your Refer & Earn bonus over and over again, with no limit to how much money you can earn. And we’ll also kick in an extra $25 in bonus cash every time your friends use Bitcoin to make their first deposit. Bitcoin is easily the preferred way to make deposits and withdrawals at Slots Casino, so if you and your friends aren’t already on board, make the switch to crypto today.


To make it even more rewarding, your friends will qualify for a special Welcome Bonus when they sign up and use Bitcoin. Instead of the standard $5,000 Welcome Bonus, which is already huge, we’ll give them up to $7,500 in free bonus money when they choose Bitcoin for their initial deposit. Find out more on our Promotions page, then take a closer look at our Refer & Earn program to see how you can start collecting all of that bonus money right now.